Due to the large volume of FAL & refinishing work I have to do, I am suspending new AK builds until further notice. AK refinishing is fine.

I am currently accepting NoDak Spud, AK74u LLC, and original receivers for builds and rebuilds. You supply the receiver and parts kit, as well as the requisite US parts. I send you back the finished gun. I have some misc spare parts in stock. I do not sell receivers. I do not fold flats or accept folded flats.

Standard build on customer supplied receiver and parts kit.

  • $550 base price. 
  • +$150 for non original barrels or virgin barrels 
  • +$35 return ship FedEx Ground

Service Includes

  • Demil parts kit
  • Machine selector detents on receiver
  • Inspect parts kit with original arsenal gauges
  • Assemble parts kit on receiver using my rivets
  • Basic trigger job
  • Refinish in METACOL III Satin Black over Parkerizing
  • Refinish wood as needed
  • Testfire and zero


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